What to expect once your NH remodeling project has begun

Listed Below are some strategies to help you:
Good communication prevents most problems, so make sure you and your remodeler agree on a system for staying in touch.
Share your concerns with the remodeler as they might arise. What is a minor adjustment early on might be a major expense later.
Don't panic. If you discover what seems to be a major problem, get all the facts, then call the remodeler immediately. A good remodeler knows there will be problems, and knows how to solve them.
Expect the project to feel like it is taking too long. There will be times -usually two to three weeks into a big job -when it seems like not much is happening.
Expect good quality work, but remember that remodeling is an art; even the finest remodeling job will not be perfect.
Don't expect your remodeler to monitor your pets or children.
Don't expect the construction foreman to answer your questions, contact the remodeler.
Your remodeler will appreciate your courtesy in providing payment on the day specified in the contract, instead of having to ask for it.
After the job is complete, you may notice something that doesn't seem right. Contact the remodeler. You can expect prompt response.
Finally, you can expect to be pleased by the end result. You'll find that a well-planned, well-executed remodeling job will be rewarding for years to come.

Above hints previously published by the National Association of Home Builders
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